"If you're looking for an amazing web developer with lots of experience, look no further than Kyle Kushner. He's professional, punctual, and delivers amazing results. We spoke of ideas about the blog I wanted and he took my ideas and created such an amazing site. In fact, many people who have visited it, compliment me all the time how awesome it looks aesthetically. I would work with him over and over again. And the best part? He's super friendly! You rock Kyle!"

-Katie Novack, Professional Blogger, TheWonderlist.xyz

"I met Kyle a few years ago through our Creative Director. Our CD said that Kyle was a top notch creative and easy to work with...well, he was right on both accounts!! Kyle's work is A Grade and never has he not come through for us...even under the tightest of deadlines. He and I also share a passion for the ocean and surfing...so he has the calmness of someone who is inspired by mother nature!"

-Frank Donner, President, Black Box Creative 

"Kyle is truly one of those 'go-to' art directors who always seem to rise to any challenge. His ability to produce strong, clear design in a wide variety of styles sets him apart from so many others who work best within narrower parameters."

-Stefan Gerber, Creative Director, Planet 365 Entertainment

"Kyle was very professional. I am not very savvy when it comes to websites or their design, I explained the personality that I wanted to portray on my website and Kyle took it from there. Scheduling the photographer, showing me early versions and listening to my edits. I have had so many compliments on my website as well as feedback that patients came to be because they really liked the feel of my website. Great out-of-the-box thinker."

-Tiffany B. Grunwald M.D., FACS, Board Certified Reconstructive Surgeon

"Working with KGK Digital is not only a smooth experience but an enjoyable one. Kyle has a keen way of knowing what clients want and delivers on time, within budget and is always pushing the creative limits!"

-Jessica Amen, Owner & CEO, Kreatliv Inc.

"Kyle at KGK Digital was amazing to work with. His work was top notch, yet affordable. He was efficient and easy to work with. KGK Digital was responsible for our entire rebrand and took care of all of the branding and ID system, the catalogue, the product photography, website and our product packaging. This was a 3 month project that went on schedule and budget without any problems. I would gladly contract KGK Digital again and have since recommended them to others."

-K. J. Vander Horck, Executive Account Manager, ENREV Inc.

"I am a singer/musician that is just starting on that path... I've been trying to get the final pieces of the puzzle in order so I can release my first album in September. I DESPERATELY needed to get my logos made, and time had been running out... I was referred to KGK Digital by a friend who had nothing but the most incredible things to say about this company. I had to see for myself... Kyle at KGK Digital is THE BEST graphic designer I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is amazing at his craft and was able to take my general idea and make something SO unique out of it. He is beyond professional, he is extremely punctual and was able to get ideas to me within a few days, of us meeting... I didn't want to press the urgency of my site needing to be up and my logo done, but he just knew when I told him my single was coming out that it needed to be done ASAP... And man, did he DELIVER. He goes above and beyond the call of duty. If anyone needs any kind of design job done, you need to do yourself a favor, and look no further than KGK Digital."

-William Rothhaar, Professional Actor & Musician